What Does Omnipresent Mean?

The current definition of omnipresent is “widely or constantly encountered”. Merriam-Webster defines it as “present in all places at all times”. In digital marketing omnipresent means that someone online who has an interest in your product or service is constantly encountering information about your company.

This mass online exposure positions a company as the leader in their market, therefore increasing sales. Everywhere a prospect looks they find information about your company. They could search different keywords or search phrases using a search engine and your business shows up in the results.

Those results could be your website, articles about the company, videos, images, ads, or even better, all of the above.

So how does a company achieve this omnipresence? Or more importantly, how does a company achieve this with limited time investment and without going broke?

It requires a plan and active implementation of the plan. The components of the plan should be based on the methods that will provide the best ROI (return on investment) for your marketing budget specifically for your company, industry and market.

Does your company already have exposure, whether organically or through paid advertising? If not, the plan should start with exposure and getting traffic.

Some ways to consider:

Already have traffic and want to give your marketing a cost-effective boost? Consider retargeting.

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