What Is Google My Business?

Commonly known as GMB (and formerly known as Google Local and Google Places), Google My Business
is a business listing on Google, not unlike listings on other online business directories. Claiming and verifying your business’ Google My Business listing should be a high priority if your goal is to get more customers.

Google is not only the most popular search engine, but your business information is shown by Google to searchers in a variety of high visibility places online.

When a user searches for a business by name on Google, information is presented to users in an infobox next to the search results which is called the Knowledge Graph. If a business has a GMB listing the information is obtained from the listing.

This same information is used by Google when they display a 3 Pack result, also called the Local Pack. These are the three Google listings that appear beneath the map when someone searches for businesses in or around a particular location.

Google Maps, the app used to get directions and discover businesses and locations, available on pretty much all mobile devices, also pulls the information from Google My Business listings. This also applies when searchers use Google Maps on their computer.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google My Business listings also power the results delivered by Google to prospects using Google Home voice search and Google Assistant voice search.

In addition, with a verified listing the owner has access to Google Insights which provides valuable information about the business’ prospects and customers.

As a business owner you can help prospects find and buy your products or services, or visit your business by having a verified Google My Business listing.

There are many more tools and features within Google My Business. To find out more be sure to secure your copy of our Google My Business Guide.

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