What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a paid advertising system based on showing ads to people who have expressed an interest in your business’ products or services by visiting your website. These ads cost less and are more effective since the people viewing the ads have already expressed an interest but most likely have not made a buying decision yet.

The ads are shown on other websites or search engines.

On average only 2% of people convert from a website visitor to a customer the first time they visit a website. Yet they have expressed an interest in your business or purchasing the product/service that you offer. Retargeting ads provide you an opportunity to remind them of what they wanted and to show that your company is the place to get what they want.

The ability to track website visitors and show them retargeting ads is accomplished by adding code to your website, often referred to as a pixel.

Google Remarketing is their platform for implementing retargeting ads. While they call it remarketing, in digital marketing remarketing is different from retargeting.

Retargeting makes all your advertising and marketing more effective. If you’re spending money on advertising or marketing to send people to your website, remember that 98% will leave without making a purchase.

With retargeting you can:

Increase conversion rates
Spend less per impression
Improve your ROI
Achieve cost-effective branding

If you agree that it’s time to get a better return on the money you invest in promoting your business, find out more about retargeting now by watching an easy-to-understand explanation of retargeting.

You can get a free, detailed guide on how to set up retargeting for yourself. Then you can best decide if you want to set up your own retargeting or choose to have help.

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