What Is An Affiliate?

Someone who sells products or generates leads for another individual or company in exchange for a commission on the sale or lead. There are ways to use this to grow your local business.

This can be done from either side of the affiliate system:

By being an affiliate selling someone else’s products/services.

By offering affiliates commissions for promoting or selling your products/services.

Imagine being a landscape designer/installer but you don’t offer lawn maintenance. In your newsletter you could promote:

The services of a lawn care company and be paid for the leads.

This year’s outdoor furniture, birdbath or some other complimentary product and be paid a commission on sales.

It’s an easy way to enhance the company’s bottom line.

There are many applications for how to use the Affiliate system to grow your business. There are some industries where this is prohibited and state laws vary. So don’t jump in without some thought.

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