What Is A Responsive Site?

A responsive site is a website that automatically resizes to fit the device being used to view the site including desktop, tablet or smart phone. It is also called a mobile-friendly website. Increasingly website visitors are using their phones to view your website. Here’s a free test you can use to see if a page on your website is mobile-friendly.


When a website is not mobile-friendly the user needs to pinch or zoom in order to read the content. All content on the site should fit within the screen and be easy to read. Text that is too small when viewed on mobile will reduce the test score. Images should also fit within the screen.

Another factor is the size and proximity of links. If buttons that are to be tapped are too small, or links are too close, this makes them hard to use on a mobile phone.

A mobile-friendly website should also load fast – the user should not have to wait to see the site when they go to it.

Any of these factors will create a frustrating experience which causes visitors to leave the site.

They also lead to a low score on the Google Mobile Test. This score effects not only whether or not the site will rank in Google’s mobile search results but also impacts the site’s general search engine ranking.

Go ahead and test your site now. If you receive a low score your website needs some work or maybe even a redesign.

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