What Does Hosting A Website Mean?

A web hosting service provides space on a server they own for use by their customers as well as providing internet connectivity. The hosting server provides online systems for storing files with information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web.

A hosting server is needed to make your website show up online.

The quality of your hosting is important because it has an impact on the security of your website and also on the search engine ranking of the site.

The hosting company should keep their servers and software up-to-date and have in place security measures. However, as a website owner you are also responsible for site security. This includes keeping the software running the site updated, using secure passwords and more.

The search engine ranking (including Google’s 3 Pack) for your website can be held down by factors caused by your hosting, most notably site speed. Your website should be optimized to display quickly but even a well-designed site can display slowly if the hosting server is slow.

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