What Is The Google 3 Pack?

Also known as the local pack or map pack, this is the top three local business listings in Google’s search results. The searcher’s location is used to display information relevant to the location of where the user is located when performing the search. For local businesses this is a prime spot as it generates significant sales and leads for the businesses listed.

Getting in the local 3 pack is THE most important thing your business can do to increase phone calls, leads and customers.

According to Google 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Ipsos, an independent market research company, was commissioned by Google to understand consumer attitudes. The results showed that 70% of mobile searchers use click to call and that calls are an important channel for consumers.

The 3 pack makes it easy for these searchers to call, get directions or see the website for the listed businesses.

To add to that, 68% of searchers prefer the local 3-Pack, 27 percent prefer the organic results below the 3-Pack, and only 10 percent trust paid search results according to a study by Search Engine Watch.

If only one of 3 spots available garners 68% of all searcher’s trust, then the 3 pack is an absolute must to your business.

Convinced that getting into the Google 3 pack is a must for your business? Not sure where to start? Start with making sure you have the best Google My Business listing possible.

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