What Is An Online Business Directory?

Also known as an online directory or web directories, a business directory is a website which lists businesses and their information. Business listings may be categorized by niche, location, activity, or size. The directory may be compiled either manually or through an automated software. They are not just a digital Yellow Pages because they offer many benefits to businesses.

Get Discovered Online

Improve the chances of your business being discovered when prospects search online. The majority of searches are not for a specific business name but rather for more generic terms. The typical examples are “landscapers in Deptford” or “best restaurant near me”. But searchers use a wide variety of search phrases.

Build Brand Awareness

Each time a prospect sees your business information it increases that prospect’s awareness of your brand. This improves the chances of the prospect becoming a customer.

Improve Your Online Presence And Local Visibility

Having your business listed in both large directories and local directories expands the presence of your business online and makes your business more visible locally. Many directories use automation to create listings and your business may be listed whether or not the business created the listing. However, it is important to make sure the business information is correct.

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

Having multiple business directory listings with consistent business information like name, address and phone number (NAP) builds trust with the search engines. The search engines want to provide searchers with the most accurate, related and trust-worthy information. Business directory listings can help build this trust.

Rank Higher On Google

Online business directories already have good, established search engine ranking. By creating listings, or updating existing listings, your business can take advantage of this ranking to boost the ranking of your website.

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